Here you’ll be able to listen to some of our original love songs from our new album, “Two People In Love”, as well as some of our newer songs. Having been in the music industry for over 40 years we’ve had the opportunity to work with many famous recording artists, which you can see on our ABOUT US page . All of our songs are original compositions. Our music covers many categories: Country, Rock, Easy Listening and more. We also have two more albums in the works with a variety of styles that we know you’ll enjoy, so check back often.

We still perform everywhere and have a pretty solid schedule, but if you’d like us to open for your band, play at your local function, nursing home or whatever just visit our CONTACT US page for more information.

Check out our PRESS RELEASE page for news articles about us and our music.

Now Playing - "Two People In Love"


For booking info call 401-527-2745 (C) or 401-766-3107 (H)















Our song I'M DOWN was a FINALIST in the SONG OF THE YEAR international songwriters competition. This was a big break for us as Song Of The Year will send our song out to music publishers and artists. You can hear a sample of it HERE.

To purchase our album now go to our ALBUMS page .


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